Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saints

Another day in France! The day began with a sailing exam for the IYT International Crew Certificate. After this, we had an oceanography class on feeding relationships and energy transfer in the marine environment. The crew was then free from 10 am till 2 pm, some choosing to explore the island more, others staying back to snorkel a nearby wreck, work on schoolwork, or catch up with journals, etc. In the afternoon, we moved the boat around to the next day in preparation for our night dive at Pain de Sucre (the sugarloaf). Upon arrival, we dropped our anchor and secured a stern line to a huge rock on the shore to keep us from swinging. We then went over our PADI knowledge reviews for the night dive and had a briefing for our adventures that evening. The rescue divers then practiced some more life-saving skills before dinner. We are now getting ready for our night dive and looking forward to exploring the underwater world in darkness.