Location: Pain du Sucre, Les Saintes

This morning began with an early morning rain shower, waking the shipmates sleeping out on deck. We had oatmeal for breakfast and delicious pastries, very kindly bought by Wild Child on an early morning dingy run to shore. We then had an MTE class followed by an oceanography class. We then spent a couple of hours ashore to further explore Les Saintes, make some tasty French bambam purchases, and make phone calls to friends and family, which I enjoyed a lot as it had been a while since I’d been able to contact them. We were all back on board by 14:30, and we lifted the anchor and moved to Pain du Sucre. We then completed our knowledge review for the night dive and set up our dive gear. After dinner, we all enjoyed a night dive, seeing many brittle stars, shrimps, corals feeding with their tentacles out, and sleepy fish. Many commented on how relaxing and calming it was to be underwater at night, a whole different world.