Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

A portion of the crew awoke bright and early to finish the preparation of Ocean Star to sail off the anchor. After a relaxing breakfast and a last look at The Saints, the whole crew flawlessly brought O-Star to sail, and we started along the coast of Guadeloupe towards Pigeon Island. Along the way, we practiced some conventional navigation using bearings and the sextant. After Simon took sight of a lighthouse at the south end of Basse-Terre, we had a short math lesson and determined our distance from the lighthouse with remarkable accuracy. It is satisfying to know that we can still navigate like the salty sailors of days gone by. The sail to Pigeon Island was smooth, and upon anchoring, we munched on some exquisite ham and cheese sandwiches. After “Camp Ocean Star” was set up, we studied and talked the afternoon away until Danimal pleased us all with his curried chicken for dinner. A Communications class and a fond farewell to the shipmates rotating to “Near Enough” capped the day.