Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

Today we awoke early to the boat heeling over with no sails up due to high winds. The anchor began to drag, and we all got out of our bunks to roll tarps and raise the anchor. We stood off until the 40-knot winds had died down. In between Birdman’s stupendous meals, we had two dives over the course of the day. A fun dive to visit Jacque Cousteau’s statue in the marine park and a deep dive as part of our advanced training, during which we practiced timed skills at depth to see if we were showing any effects of mild nitrogen narcosis. After a delicious lasagna dinner and an oceanography geology quiz, we learned more about Irving and Exe Johnson and their awesome voyages. Before finally turning in, we set up our dive gear for a dawn dive on Julia’s birthday tomorrow. PS. the stand-in skipper, Luke, and the crew of Ocean Star and Near Enough would like to send their best wishes to Lisette and her family and hope for a quick recovery.