Location: Darwin

Starting the day off with an intensive boat appreciation (BA) was challenging, especially when the skipper leads the BA as well. However, we were done by 11:30 am, giving the majority of the students enough time to take showers in the head. Each person had 5 minutes to take the shower, and once again, I had to regulate it. After the showers, everyone went their own separate ways. Aaron, Court, Nick, and myself went as a group. We helped cast off the dock lines so that Argo could move to Stokes Hill Wharf. What took our place was a giant oil rig. The day went smoothly, and we had our squeeze in a grass yard just outside of the Bazaar, as I would call it. Some bought clothes, others just food, and a few even tried the whips. Everyone signed out after that for our first night out. High spirits had everyone nice to everyone else. It was magical, to say the least. Can’t wait for our next port!