Location: Dry Tortugas, FT

Last night we did not anchor for the evening, we actually sailed through the night. This morning my group had the 4 am to 8 am shift, so we woke up early to watch the boat. It’s hard to cook breakfast underway, so everyone made themselves some oatmeal or fruit at their leisure and ate while underway. After sailing a while, Tim stopped the boat and gave us a treat. The water was so still where we were sailing that it was safe enough to hop off and swim in the open ocean. Tim said that it had been nearly six months since water conditions were good enough for shipmates to do that, so it was really special- it was also our first swim! Lunch today was quesadillas, prepared by Marley and Matt- we ate those underway as well. After lunch, we did some sail training- learning how to put up, take down, and flake the sails. Following that was dinner- paella and chorizo. After a very long sail (nearly 30 hours), we finally arrived in the Dry Tortugas and anchored there for the evening.