Location: On Passage

Today we started this morning with some awesome pumpkin bread for breakfast and began preparing the boat to leave the dock. When we finally dropped the lines, we had to motor through Tampa bay’s many channel markers to make it out into the Gulf Sea. During this time, some students cleaned up lines left over from the dock, deflated the large fenders, and some students rotated being on the helm. One of the coolest sights to see today was as Argo passing under the Sunshine Sky Way Bridge, as well as watching Argo passing through the calm waves of the Gulf Coast. Many of us were beyond hyped to finally be out of the marina and into open water. Everyone on board today also took a deck shower, which included using a saltwater hose, and a freshwater hose to shower. Then at dinner, we learned that our shifts for watch would begin once clean up is completed. Our passage is to the Dry Tortugas, which is about 30 hours away from St. Petersburg. Every student on board is excited to have their very first night shift and experience what our life on board will be like for the next 40 or 50 days. As well, we are all excited to finally jump into the Floridian water to swim and dive.

Hi Mighty R. and Thank you, Hope, for the awesome photos of Argo!!