Location: Nevis

I am writing to you all with a full stomach of delicious chicken and boxed mashed potatoes with a side of broccoli and green peas. Today was an adventure for sure. We woke up excited but moving a little slow, or maybe that was just me because last night was a sign-out night (where you can drink). Once I had my morning coffee, I was ready to take on the day, at least I thought… Most of us wanted to go on the horseback ride, but to the fate of a random number generator, only eight contestants were picked. I was not one of them. My new activity of “choice” was biking. It was not your average scenic tropical island cruiser bike ride. Once we got to the bike and kayak shop, we were greeted by a brummie, as Drew would say, an English man named Winston. He got us all suited up and told the kayak group if they did not want to end up in Puerto Rico because of the high winds, they should join the bike group. Then we set off. One member of our bike team, Owen, took the smart way out and turned back about thirty minutes into the ride to return to have a beach day to himself. The rest of us moseyed on biking/pushing the bike up the hill after hill. After a few sweaty hours and many false summits, we made it to the promised long downhill.

We all had a blast racing down the southern side of the island. Once we made it to the bottom, we struggled to find a promised pizza shop that probably never existed in the first place. We settled for a supermarket run with three cartons of ice cream and endless sugary drinks. We then found the hot springs the whole island recommend for us to check out. And somehow, 108-degree volcano-heated, algae-filled hot springs were just what we needed after 20 miles, yeah, that’s right, a 20-mile bike ride around the island of Nevis. On the last section of the ride after the hot springs, three of the crew had horrible leg cramps. Thankfully we were taught in our open water scuba class in the circumstance of a cramp, grab your fin/foot, and stretch. We returned to Winston with smiles on our faces and adventures to tell the rest of the group. When we got back to the boat, some chain had caught the anchor line, but luckily we had an amazing staff, and they handled it with no problem.

Thanks for reading, and yes, all of your kids are okay.

p.s. I guess horseback riding was probably fun too!