Location: Underway to Grenada

After a midnight to 4 am shift filled with philosophical musings and horrible Acapella, Watch Team Two awoke to clear sunny skies for our second day of passage. Watch Team Three had been lucky enough to spot some bottlenose dolphins off the port side right around sunrise and excitedly shared the news with the rest of the crew as everyone slowly woke up. Soon, the jib was raised, and we were sailing.
The day passed by lazily, with on-duty watches filling the air with music courtesy of Smudge’s speaker and off-duty crewmembers busily working away at homework or happily napping. Clear skies all day made for smooth sailing, as well as excellent bird watching as boobies swooped about Ocean Star on the hunt for flying fish. A sandwich lunch came and went, and before we knew it, the hazy shape of Saint Vincent’s mountainous silhouette appeared off our port side.
A delicious dinner of pasta and red sauce came with a breathtaking sunset before ushering in the stars for another night of watches. The squeeze question (What era would you travel to if you had a time machine?) revealed that a majority of the crew longed to visit the times before the world had been figured out when unknown sea creatures still filled the murky depths. Complicated questions still begged to be answered. Sailing with no land in sight must bring out the explorer in all of us.