Location: Underway to Grenada

As the sunlight broke over the mountainous island of Montserrat, the crew awoke to the smell of freshly baked zucchini bread. There was a brief lecture on the art of scientific writing before passage prep went into full swing. Once complete, the anchor was pulled, sails were raised, and the longest passage of the trip (295nm) began. As we headed south, the active volcano of Montserrat came into view, enshrouded by the clouds that normally hide its peak. Away from the shelter of the island, the motor was cut, and for the first time during the trip, Ocean Star was completely reliant on the wind! As meals underway are a bit difficult, since we have to account for the movement of the boat, we had a one-pot meal of risotto before beginning our watch team shifts for the next couple of days. With no classes planned for passages, the crew started working on assignments that would be due in the following weeks, saving energy (in the form of napping) for their shifts and enjoying the free time they had during this time. Everyone rallied for a delicious gumbo dinner and breath-taking sunset, hoping for calm seas and clear skies before settling down for the evening, getting rest before their watch team shifts. Grenada, here we come!