Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Today began bright and early with more 6:20 wake-ups. We enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, English muffins, and vegetables with a side of rain. After cleanup, we were off of the dock and headed toward the course for our second day of racing. In only 25 minutes, we had all five sails up (this is impressive, it took us nearly two hours before). We settled into our new stations for the day and got ready to race. I was on team stern with Skye, Margaret (special shoutout to these two for making sure I stayed relatively hydrated for once), Dan, and Matt while Claire and Alex were on team midship and Miranda, Mari, Kyle, and Jules were on team bow. Fortunately for the bow team, there were far fewer waves than in previous days. Unfortunately for the midship and stern teams, this was far less entertaining to watch. We sailed well and managed to finish before Avenger, another ship in our class, despite tearing the mainsail on the final stretch. Upon arriving back at the dock, we put the sail covers on and enjoyed free time onshore. This was followed by a delicious dinner made by our chefs and some more free time to finish out the night. Tomorrow, we have our last day of academics as we take our marine bio final exam, wish us luck!