Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Today began once again, at 6:20. After slow wake-ups, we quickly had a breakfast of muffins and melon before prepping Ocean Star for another day of racing. After a debrief of the 23 nm track we would sail, we welcomed on board a writer who’s writing a piece on Sea|mester and who wanted to join us for the race. After about 15 minutes, we set off for what we thought would be easy sailing. About midway through rising the mainsail, a rip was spotted along with one of the sail’s seems. In a slight panic and with about 40 minutes until the start of the race, Alex and Carolyn quickly patched it up, and we mounted all the sails in 17 minutes, our new record. Although yet again we finished last, we felt newfound confidence in our abilities to handle the tacks, jibes, and points of sail we spent so many hours learning. Once back at the dock, we showered had a light salad before going out to dinner at a nice restaurant overlooking the dock ( thank you, Jules <3 and hi Julia 😉 ). We then had free time until we went to sleep.