Location: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Today started with quite the surprise as everyone found out we would stay in Gran Canaria another two days before moving to Tenerife for our final destination before departing for the Caribbean. This was not met with any resistance. It was actually pretty exciting as the days we have been on the dock have been pretty refreshing and a bit of a break from the chaotic life at sea. With two classes in the morning and some fun activities, we all went our respective ways around lunch. I personally went with the group that set up the MEGA tarp, which covers most of the chart house and was quite the respite from the glaring sun today. After ample shade was available, we had a diddy bag-making class in the cool shade with Brahm. The other two groups did some exciting things, as well as there was a beach trip and an emergency first responder class. Tomorrow will be when all the groups switch, so everyone has a chance to do each activity we have planned. We ended the day with a great lasagna made by quite the crew, which turned out amazing, wrapping up an amazing day on Argo. Our squeeze question was, “Share a fun fact.” We had many fun facts about animals, particularly sloths. We also learned about ancient animals like dinosaurs, and we learned about knights and medieval history.

Pictured: Brian and Seve gophering up the lunch; provisions by Lolo; people enjoying the shade under the main tarp; big, empty beach for beach day; Liam and Wyatt enjoying a hammock; Michael, Bella, and Anna in a hammock; Anna and JP being goofy.