Location: 10 20.13'N 78 50.52'W

Today was the first and only full day of the voyage in between our port of departure, Cartagena, Columbia, to our destination, Colon, Panama. Everything from watches to sailing went smoothly, and this calm day. The highlight of the day was when we landed our fourth fish of the trip, a 36-pound Yellowfin Tuna that we ate sushi-style with cookies, which todays chefs loving baked for dinner. Tomorrow we will arrive at Colon.

Lindsay chiming in here: our enigmatic sounding title is actually an accurate description of our travels over the next few days. To continue into the South Pacific, we must head from North American to Central America. Additionally, the Panama Canal was cut in such a way that boats wishing to move from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean must move Northwest to Southeast. Thus, we are going North to go South, and East to go West and onward to Tahiti.

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