Location: Kudabados, Maldives

Today started with a gentle breeze, and a clear sky as the crew of Argo hauled up the anchor and started the short motor north to the tiny island of Kudabados. Within an hour, the hook was back down, and dinghies were being launched and pointed in the direction of the palm-fringed speck of sand. The crystal clear waters and soft white sand were a very different environment from the hustle and bustle of Male city. Out here, the breeze provided cooling relief, and the sound of scooters was replaced by the gentle lapping of the sea on the deserted beaches. With a thriving reef glittering with fish of every color, only feet from shore, it wasn’t long before the shipmates had donned their masks and snorkels and ventured into the depths. Some managed to circumnavigate the island, spotting rays and barracuda. After a relaxing lunch in the shade, there was time for some beach sports with a heated game of volleyball. It was difficult to leave the island paradise late in the afternoon, although it was made easier as we sat down for fish tacos in the cockpit lit by another stunning sunset. We ate and talked of tomorrow’s diving adventure, then welcomed the full moon over the eastern horizon and into another beautiful night in the Maldives. So ends this day.