Location: Gorda Sound, British Virgin Islands

This morning we woke up to a beautiful morning anchored in Marina Cay. A tasty breakfast of eggs and muffins from our chefs set the tone for the day. After clean-up, the crew got its first taste of how to prepare the boat to sail. The dinghies were strapped to the deck, sail covers and tarps stowed, Scuba tanks lashed, and all dive gear stowed. Ocean Star looked ready to do what she does best. Following the boat preparation, Dan and I took the crew around to all the lines and demonstrated proper line handling, and introduced line names. To hone our skills, we played a little game called the pin rail chase. This was a friendly game between the crew to help with the memorization of where each line is kept. After lunch, we hauled anchor and set our first sails of the voyage. The breeze was perfect, and everyone was excited to be finally sailing. Late afternoon found us motoring into Gorda Sound, where we dropped anchor and started our dinner preparation. A Marine Biology slide show followed dinner with Beaker and Beth.