Location: Gorda Sound, British Virgin Islands

Saturday morning was very peaceful right up until 7:00 am when everyone jumped out of bed at the sound of the boat’s automated fire alarm. We grabbed our emergency life jackets and made it on deck within 90 secondsquite a wake-up call. We had a load of oatmeal for breakfast, which everyone doctored up with syrup, honey, sugar, raisins, and milk. This morning we had an oceanography lab in which we were introduced to all the equipment we would later use to conduct our group research projects. Everyone then jumped into the dinghies and cruised over near shore to snorkel the mangroves. An exhausted crew came back and had lunch. Living on a boat is very different than living at home. Things like using the head (bathroom) can be tricky. The girl’s head got clogged today so bad that Kevin and Dan had to use a scuba tank and a hose to blow out the clog! We had a long talk about how to properly use the head after that. After lunch, we had MTE class and learned how to tie a number of knots we would be using on the trip. The Open Water dive class had some dive table reviews, and the certified divers had a bit of downtime. We showered, which involves jumping in the ocean, climbing out and lathering up, jumping back in the ocean, then briefly rinsing off on deck with a freshwater hose. A chicken and curry dinner was followed by a slideshow by Beth on the chemistry of water. This is Al signing off!andlt;br /andgt;andlt;br /andgt;