Location: Cook's Bay, Moorea, French Polynesia

Easiest day as skipper ever! At the early hour, 7 o’clock this morning, every soul aboard Argo was up, dressed, and exploring their new home, meaning that all that had to be done was a little preparation for the morning jobs and then dining on fresh zucchini bread, fruit salad and yogurt. After this, Jim regaled us with stories of the mutiny on the Bounty and the origins of breadfruit in the Caribbean. The day then started in earnest, with dishes and decks to be washed, sun tarps to be put up, galleys and saloons to be cleaned before the morning talk and then some free time, which was spent by most on a local Tahitian beach. After lunch, there were proper boat introductions to all areas before a short passage prep for the 18 nautical mile trip to the neighboring island, Moorea. Fun was had by all on this short first passage, which was a little rolly at times with a few discovering that below deck was not necessarily where they wanted to be. Darkness had fallen by the time the anchor was dropped, but once we were safely at anchor, we all gathered in the cockpit for dinner where stories and jokes were shared by all. To finish off this day of firsts for many, there was the Argo shower (a specialty of the boat) during which many attempted their first ever front flips- with varying success! Hammocks have been strung, and the anchor watch teams briefed! Let’s hope it doesn’t rain tonight!