Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

After a quick iced coffee, it was time to slip the lines, raise the anchor, and move out of Nelson’s Dockyard. Jenny and Jess motored around in Exy, our trusty workhorse dinghy, and untied our port bowline from the mooring ball that was helping keep us off the dock. Meanwhile, the stern lines were slipped, and Ocean Star was maneuvered head to the wind so that she could hold position while the anchor and Exy were both simultaneously hauled back on board. The wind has picked up this week, and on exiting the sheltered harbor, we were quickly reminded of that fact as the swells rolled Ocean Star from side to side. We made the short motor around the corner and into Falmouth Harbor and dropped anchor just off Pigeon Beach. Then straight into an MTE Navigation workshop where the crew practiced plotting fixes, estimating positions, and calculating course to steers. After lunch, we shuffled down below into the cool of the air-conditioned salon and started the PADI Rescue Diver course. We watched some of the course videos and began completing our knowledge reviews in preparation for the next three days, during which the shipmates will practice rescuing divers in distress. Some chill time before dinner, and some put up newly acquired hammocks while others swam or showered in the sea. Roast pork is on the menu, complete with roast potatoes, vegetables, and real gravy. Awesome. A quick scheduling meeting looking at whats about to happen over the next week and then an SLD class before bed.