Location: Les Saintes

Today was day 17 and our last day in Dominica. We got an extra half hour of sleep and had breakfast a little later as well. This was much needed after a long day of a tough hike yesterday. For breakfast, we had some delicious banana bread. After breakfast, we then sailed for a couple of hours to North Dominica to go on a river tour along the Indian River, one of Dominica’s 365 rivers! We rowed up the river taking measurements of the salinity and the temperature of the water to see how it changed from the mouth to further upstream. We even got to see where they filmed one scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean! We stopped at a little cafe for about 20 minutes to relax for a bit before we turned around and went back. After returning from the river tour, we set off to Les Saintes, which was a bit of a rainy and bumpy ride. We all made it there in one piece, though, and overall, it was a good day.