Location: Montserrat to Grenada

After our usual wake up at 7:00 this morning, we quickly began passage prep. After completing passage prep and enjoying a somewhat late breakfast, we finally set sail for what will be our longest passage on this voyage! We pulled the anchor up around 9:00 and finished putting up the jib about an hour after leaving Montserrat. We have been rotating through our watch teams every three hours, giving us 3 hours on and 6 hours off. Over the course of the day, we have been switching between fully sailing (no motor) and having our sails up but the motor on as well. Passage prep went fairly smoothly this morning, and it seems we are all getting to know Oceanstar better and better each day. Though putting the sails up took a bit longer to complete than prior efforts, I think we had everyone, but the chefs are helping throughout the process, so that was really good. The chefs did a great job dealing with some minor setbacks that pushed our eating times back a bit and put out three tasty meals. We finished the night with some delicious chili and cornbread as Watch Team 1 took over, and most of us headed to bed to get some rest before waking up at different hours for watch. We will continue with our watch team rotation for the next couple of days until we arrive in yet another new county, Grenada!