Location: Terre De Haut, Saints

Today was the day of Anthony and Andrea’s SLD project, the amazing race. Like the show, we had teams of two and were tasked with hunting down clues. Each team had a color, which turned out to be important, as we all had another team’s clue. The race started with a mad dash to a nautical activities club, where we all found clues that sent us in different directions. There was some immediate confusion due to a missing clue, which led some to believe foul play was stirring. Soon, many teams played dirty, holding clues hostage, taking the kill cord from the dinghy, and even taking people’s shoes! It was hard to determine a winner by the end (Danger Zone!), but nevertheless, people had tons of fun. Everyone was thoroughly exhausted by the end but couldn’t stop talking about all the different angles that people played at. The yellow team got much respect for playing the most righteously and the orange for their nonstop running.