Location: Underway to Cocos Keeling

Today was another exciting day aboard Argo.Since we are a third of the way through the trip we have switched up the watch teams on this passage and everyone is getting used to their new teams before the big crossing after Cocos Keeling. Everyone has gotten into his or her own routine of night watches. Some people don’t sleep before the midnight-four watch andjust sleep till lunch, whereas others will sleep before and stay up afterwards studying. However, it is a dangerous game as some students almost found out this morning when the hose was rolled out and used as an abrupt wake up method. Personally I am a fan of sleeping and waking up for cereal, then going back to sleep. Whilst sailing far and wide we have attempted fishing off the stern off the boat with no success till today. We were all enjoying lunch when Griffin said, I think we have a fish on? Our First Mate Nick, who was currently inline for lunch, dropped everything and ran to the stern losing his hat in the process.After fifteen minutes of struggling to pull in the hand reel a 40-pound Wahoo was laying on deck. Nick was ecstatic and filleted the fish while the rest of us attended class.After class we examined the stomach contents of our fresh specimen to find some small bones and one parasitic worm. This didn’t dissuade us from cooking the fish for dinner, which was so Ono (Hawaiian name for Wahoo that also mean delicious). It’s amazing to be in this kind of learning environment where you can catch what youre studying, examine it and eat it. Everyone is embracing this experience and working hard to reach their goals for this trip, while never wanting it to end. You can only take what the wind gives you give nothing back. Ernest Hemingway