Location: English Harbor, Antigua

This morning we said goodbye to the beauty of Green Island and headed to a much different scene- the hub of yachting activities in Antigua, Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour. Kevin maneuvered our boat with ease into a tricky slip between many large, sleek sailing yachts, and we spent the rest of the day exploring our new surroundings. Nelson’s Dockyard is a place of interesting history as it was Britain’s main naval station in the Lesser Antilles in the 1700’s. Currently, the dockyard has been restored as part of the National Parks Authority, so that the historical sites are tastefully converted into museums, hotels, restaurants and businesses. There is an active sail making loft, which also made for an interesting stop, as well as the short walk to Fort Berkely Point to overlook the scenery of English Harbour. We capped off our day relaxing on deck and headed to bed early in anticipation of our early morning hike tomorrow.