Location: Seyshells

After a little over a week here in the Seychelles, we are heading back to sea! We started our day doing last-minute preparations, such as getting the rest of our food on board and finishing our deep clean of the boat. We had a group of brave students lead by Henry and Robbie, who cleaned the new food stowed it away, making sure we found no unwanted little friends. We lost many potatoes overboard, but overall it was a successful mission.

Other students spent their time quickly checking their emails throughout the day in anticipation of the news about the extension passage to Antigua. This once-in-a-lifetime experience means a lot to everyone who applied. We are still eagerly awaiting the email telling us who will be chosen.


While all of us are sad to say goodbye to the Seyshelles, we are eager to get to Richards Bay, South Africa. Some of the students’ favorite activities while here were surfing, diving, and of course, being able to walk around town and see the culture here. For many students, observing other cultures was the main goal, so we were all excited to finally get to spend time on land.


Our goals for this passage as a group start with getting back into the offshore lifestyle. Many students bought snacks and stuff to make offshore life a little easier. We also are looking forward to taking our precious knowledge learned from the other passage and applying it to this passage. Another goal we have is finding time to sit down and study! We have our mid-terms coming up soon and not too long after that our finals, so we have to really hit the books during this passage. Our week away from classes was much appreciated, but its time we get focused again.


1. SAm and his snack shop

2. Robbie and Henry washing all produce

3. Navigation class

4. Fresh food


Goodbye Seychelles! I speak for everyone on board when I say we will miss you and hope to return someday soon!


Ps. Happy early birthday.