Location: Victoria harbour, Mahe, seyshells

Today was an action-packed day, to say the least. The rescue divers were woken up in order to complete their final drill before becoming officially certified rescue divers. After lunch which was pasta with tomato sauce made by Carly and Danar, we had leadership lead by Shona. It was a special leadership day today because we had a challenge course. The course consisted of 4 different activities that we needed to complete in our teams. We were split into our 3 watch teams and had 10 minutes to complete the activities. One of the activities was standing on a tarp with your whole team, and without stepping off the tarp, we had to flip it over. We all thoroughly enjoyed the activities lead by Jess and Shona. Since we are leaving for South Africa tomorrow, we had to tidy up Vela with a mini boat appreciation. After giving it a rinse, we sadly put away all our dive gear for the last time since we wont be diving in South Africa. We cleaned the galley and the salon and prepared ourselves for provisions. Elle, Amy, and Leoni spent the whole day today provisioning food for our passage. We need to refuel the boat, which meant we got to dock the boat for the first time. It went very well, thanks to our skilled captain. We were allowed off the boat for one final time while waiting for the boat to refuel. We all headed to the grocery store to stock up on final snacks. Sam has us all beat when it comes to snacks with anything from chocolate, tea, mints, lollipops, chips, vitamins, juice, hot chocolate, and club soda. After fueling, we headed back to our anchor spot and put away the provisions. We are also very excited because we all got our clean laundry back today, and some people were smart enough to buy air fresheners for the cabins, so we are living quite lavishly. The Seychelles has been incredibly good to us, and the time here was amazing, so we are all a little sad to be leaving. We are excited to see what South Africa has in store for us, and were ready to take on the roaring 40s.


1. Tarp Flip, LC

2. Nose touch, LC

3.Vela on the dock

4. Sam’s candy provision

5. Walk the line, LC

6. Coiling dock lines