Location: Victoria Harbour

This morning started out early as they gave the students a sleep in.and picked up anchor to move from Baie Beau Vallon to Victoria. The early morning motor was very calm and pleasant. As the anchor dropped the chefs brought out breakfast and the day got kick off. All students joined the local dive providers to complete two more dives. This was the final dive for the advanced divers allowing them to become certified. In this group was Val, Angie, Emily, Carly, Cate, Myra, Madz, Gilian, Bee, Mo, Noah, Henry, Dylan and Max. Half the group did a deep dive on a wreck of two barges. Local preservation groups have added Frame work to encourage coral growth the created an arch way to swim under. While the second was a fish ID, allowing the students to practise all that they have learned in marine biology. Noah said it was a great feeling to feel confident in the water and proud of all the skills they have learned so far. The group spotted four lion fish whilst on the dive one of whom was sleeping.

Mean while all the rescue divers ran scenarios working with panicked and drowning divers. In this group is Robbie, Ian, Zac, Trey, Danar and Fin. After lunch the rescue divers did a CPR class with Amy that will be part of their Emergency first responder certificate. Robbie said it felf good to be learning such a useful skill and very helpful to practise CPR as it can be needed anywhere in day to day life.

Jess took Sam, Sierra and Lucia to Moynee island to see the tortoise as Lucia was unable to go the last day. They found out how to identify male tortoise as having more pronounced humps on their shell while the females are smoother. There are approximately 147 tortoise on the island including the babies. Sea turtles also come onto the beaches on the island to lay their eggs. On board passage prep and maintenance was complete by the staff, keep the crew occupied all day.


1. Noah

2. Sam and Carly

3. new best friend

4. Sam