Location: Underway

After a morning of picking up those last minute treats for the upcoming passages, Argo and her crew were ready for the next big adventure in this Fall’s 2011 trip. With 850 miles to go to the Cape Verde Islands and 2100 miles till Dominica, today marks our departure from shore-based life. Over the last 53 days our longest passage was three nights, from here on out they are at least a week. Only the wind and the waves will be able to tell us when we’ll see land again.

Once out of the shelter of the land, the crew set the sails in anticipation for the down wind sail. Unlike the past two passages where we were constantly crashing into waves and tacking back and forth in 30+ knots of wind, now we have the chance to surf the waves and sleep like babies as Argo slowly rocks back and forth to the rhythm of the sea.