Location: Underway to Fiji

Today marked a special day to all of us Argonauts: we have officially done a full rotation on our beloved job wheel whilst underway. My last blog post commemorated us departing from Santa Cruz on this epic-mega-passage, and now here we are, having just crossed into American Samoan waters. The trip log on the screen next to me reads 7,550 nautical miles in total. Those metrics certainly speak to quite the journey and yet do little to encapsulate the immensity of the weeks that now lie behind us. From humbling marine life to some of the best conversations, so much more than just miles lies within this vast ocean crossing.
Example A: This morning, just after 08:00, some lucky students from Watch Teams 1 and 3 spotted a distinctive whale blow, starting the day with a fresh burst of excitement and awe (whale species TBD, but Lewis is on the case).
Example B: During lunch clean-up, we narrowly avoided a complete drenching, instead getting to watch as the dark line of rain advanced just behind our stern. Yay for dry clothes (and exciting helming)!
Example C: We had our last marine biology lecture this afternoon. Though we still have an exam coming up, it definitely served as a reminder of how little time we have left and how much we have learned over the course of this semester.
Example D: Galley crew (Sam, Una, and Tim) killed it AGAIN today. Everyone here never fails to impress me.
Of course, I could list examples for far longer than would be even remotely interesting to anyone else. Each day underway is as blissfully full as the last, and I can confirm that the concept of a “time warp” is 100% real. As we continue to motor on, I remember to keep my head on a swivel and hold onto every little detail. We averaged 7.5knots today — it’ll be gone in a flash.

PS back home: Hey! I can’t believe time has been going by so quickly, and I hope it’s been just as fun and fast at home. I’m excited to hear all about it soon. Love you!
PS to Mal: I’m in the process of writing a “Rime of the Modern Mariner” in my time off watch. It’s slow going, but I think you’ll find it amusing.

Current Position: 1225.9656’S x 16822.3144’W

1. Renee in the dish pit indulging in one of Argo’s greatest pleasures: cleaning The Red Colander
2. Louis, Frankie, and Giselle having a pre-dinner group hug
3. Some of Watch Team 2 (Riley, Gil, Sam, Elie, and Ezra) on the stern with one of the best sunrises this side of the IDL