Location: Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Today held an extremely early start for some and a late start for others. The very astute anchor watch early this morning noticed the anchor slowly dragging, meaning we had to move to elsewhere in the anchorage (If you ask me, we’ve upgraded to an even prettier area with a somehow more stunning view). This provides further evidence for the importance of the sometimes much-dreaded middle of the night anchor watch rotation, by looking after Ocean Star as much as she looks after us.

Another morning of help-yourself breakfast leads into a “Choose your adventure morning.” A few of the shipmates choose to go and explore the local town while others got ahead of all their assignments and prepare for the soon approaching midterms. The afternoon they were followed in a similar pace with another Boat Appreciation. Teams were formed making Ocean Star look as good as when the semester started on Day 1, with everything from the deck through to the fridge being deep cleaned.

This evening, just before dinner, a long time friend of Ocean Star called Willy sailed over in his small traditional one man sailboat bringing his traveling boutique shop. Offering the chance to buy wonderfully crafted homemade scrimshaw jewelry (so if any of you receive beautiful necklaces at the end of the semester, Willy and Bequia is the place you have to thank, as well as those who bought it for you).

Dinner created the battle of the Pesto pasta’s, following on from yesterdays lunch. It’s a battle that will be sung by bards for years to come, such as the quality of both. We still aren’t sure who’s came out on top.

Post dinner has provided a rare evening with no class, but they aren’t let off that lightly as last-minute preparations for the second Oceanography quiz are made and knowledge reviews are filled in for the first of the PADI Advanced Open Water course dives, taking them from excellent divers to masters of Poseidon’s realm.

To finish, here are a few of the national days occurring around the world that, sadly, might not be fully appreciated; National Peanut Cluster Day, National Proofreading Day (I hope I don’t have any typos in here), National Oregon Day, and National Tartar Sauce Day.

Finally, a day that we made sure to celebrate and appreciate on board was International Women’s day.