Location: Underway

Today we cross the one-third mark of our journey. It feels to me that we have been here longer, although it’s only been one month. To date at the current time of 18:44 we have traveled 1,443 nautical miles and counting, we have toured Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, the Italian islands of Sardinia and Elba, the Spanish island of Mallorca, and today we are underway back to the Spanish mainland to Cartagena on our jog down the coast to Gibraltar to finish our tour of Mediterranean Europe. Certainly this time has changed my perspective of the Europe I briefly knew. This past week it began to strike me what I was missing from home, as I stood bow watch with George through the mistral storm, cold and wet, we discussed what we missed and in what order we would go about compensating for that longing when we returned home. I suppose at sea one can only ponder things missed from home for so long before it gets to ones self. So for me all this missing has done is made me appreciate what I have to return to back in Boston. Above me as I lay in my small bunk there is written, “At sea, a man learns how little he needs, not how much.” I haven’t the slightest clue who wrote this but each day passed it rings more and more true, and I can’t wait to see where this perspective takes me on day 90. Today was similar to most passage days, watch team cycles, lunch, class, and dinner. We also ran a man overboard drill, I’m a part of the medical team along with the rest of my watch mates. To conclude my experience as skipper today, it much different than my last, which was in Tarragona, Spain before we headed out to sea, I felt the responsibility today for sure.

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