Location: Andrixtol

Today was a good day! It was very successful in the fact that the new divers aka Open Waters finally received their much-awaited PADI certifications! A group of divers left this morning to go off and adventure the deep blue. In the afternoon dives another group made up of George, Ezra, Matty and Tom and discovered an octopus and were thrilled to watch it swim around in its natural habitat. In between diving and meals were classes. In Marine Biology we are currently studying the different classes of worms and plankton so naturally a few of us got out the plankton net to catch a few to look and see what we could find underneath the microscope. Later in the day it was time to get our minds back onto scuba diving and clean up all the BCD’s, tanks, regulators and personal gear. We do this process by having three “laz monkeys” those are the people who get down into the small lazarettes and pass down what needs to be stored or hung up down below. For dinner we had a delicious dinner of chicken pepperoni prepared by Emy Lou, Sean, and Kris. They did a great job and it was by far one of the best meals of the trip! As I am writing now the boat is being prepped and cleaned for our early morning sail to Cartagena, Spain, I can’t wait. Shout out to my family, I love and miss y’all! Tell Darcy the Chihuahua hey!