Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Greetings from Dominica!
Today is our halfway-day, and this fact baffles me as well as the rest of our devoted crew, days are truly flying by. We spent our halfway day diving the beautiful reefs of Dominica. The first group set out early this morning after breakfast to go for their two dives. (Steve took the underwater pictures provided, he’s a wonderful photographer). While group one was diving, the rest of us worked on our emergency first responder course. Lolo and Sash were our lovely victims and to quote Lolo with how it went, “well, they did it.” We all decided it would be good for us to do a few more scenarios before ever using our training. Once the divers returned, we had a wonderful lunch prepared by Lolo and Matt. After lunch, dive group two set out for our dives with Remi and Virginia, who were our wonderful French guides. Both groups saw heaps of schooling fishes, moray eels, a giant mantis shrimp, sponges we could’ve fit inside of, and beautiful corals. We also witnessed another breathtaking Caribbean sunset while we were eating a delicious meal that Steve made for us all. We had a nice squeeze and wonderful leadership class following dinner. All in all, this Ocean Star crew experienced a beautiful day, and we are all living our best lives.

Wishing our loyal followers a wonderful evening as well,

Also, shout out to my personal loyal followers, that’s so fun I love it.