Location: Monico/underway

I’m always amazed at how much we fit into a day on SeaMester, today was no exception. We awoke in Monaco where we had some shore time to go explore the streets, to stare at fancy cars, and wander through the harbor which had some amazingly large yachts. We then left and headed over to Baie De Beaulie and once there it was business mixed with pleasure; we had sailing class, a little bit of science and some downtime. During the science class I pulled out all the Science gear we have onboard and had people look at the oceanographic tools available to them. This included sampling gear such as plankton nets, transect tapes, quadrates, and various nutrient tests. Afterward, it was the much-enjoyed swim time off the side of Argo. Some shipmates ogled over the yachts that were anchored next to us. As we are expecting some strong winds for our first-night passage we prepped the boat accordingly. This included putting a 2nd reef in the mainsail and running jack lines so we have places to clip onto at night. Following dinner, Jim returned from a business trip to grace our presence. Soon after Jim’s arrival we hauled up our anchor and put up our mainsail, and both staysails and headed over to Porto Venere, some 90 odd miles away. Hopefully, we will arrive there around lunchtime tomorrow.


This is your skipper Casey Jones signing off until next time..