Location: Monaco

Have you ever wondered what the price for warm, plump, delicious pancakes for breakfast is? At Bob Evans, it would run you about seven dollars. On Argo, however, the price was seven tired and confused shipmates on deck in bright orange personal floatation devices after the fire alarm was triggered at 6:30 am by the previously mentioned pancakes. After breakfast, we started to make our way to Monaco, raising only two sails because of a poor wind angle. Those on board either enjoyed the pleasant temperature on deck afforded by a few clouds, caught up on lost sleep, or perfected their boat checking skills. Boat checks are used to make sure that the necessary steps have been taken for a safe passage, track our usage of the batteries, and make sure that any running machinery is functioning properly. The boat checked out each time, and before we knew it, we were dropping sails and making our way into port. The sail drop and flake, usually tedious, ran smoothly, and Team Science (Casey, Laurie, and the shipmates) quickly made their way into the old town of Monaco to pose next to statues in the immaculately kept gardens and wander around the Oceanographic museum and aquarium which displayed Monaco’s expeditionary history. The building itself was an attraction. It is built right on the cliff face with one facade seeming to drop straight into the water. Inside, Cathleen liked that the entrance was guarded by a gigantic figurine of an octopus with its tentacles wrapped around the four pillars supporting the first room of the museum. She described it as “a sight that made you want to look up.” After they returned to the boat, we squeezed (the skipper asks one question that everyone answers) and ate. We cleaned up, and Sam announced that we would have the first night out (students sign out and have the option of seeing the town at night). Eventually, the group split into those watching the women’s world cup soccer final (USA vs. Japan) and those who took a taxi up to the world-famous Casino. The disappointment was short-lived when the US lost in a shootout, and the victories and losses were small (not usually the case in Monte Carlo) but still exciting at the Casino. Everyone met up back at the boat by midnight, ready for bed at the end of another great day cruising the Mediterranean.