Location: La Napole

The day began with the students going ashore in San Tropez. The major spectacle of the city was a large flea market that ate up most of our time on land. While the girls were doubtlessly fascinated with the jewelry and dress stands (the guys managed to “lose” them at one point roughly 15 minutes in), I was drawn more towards the stunning (and aromatic) displays of olives meats, bread, and cheeses. Everyone stocked up on souvenirs and various knickknacks before we returned to Argo in preparation for the day’s move. During our journey from San Tropez, we set the mainsail, main staysail, forward staysail, and jib and, thanks to some nice winds, managed to exceed 9 knots on sail power alone. During the sailing, we were taught about the various points of sail and, while experimenting with them, had several exciting moments full of crackling sails, swinging booms, and sea spray crossing the deck. Following the sailing class, we all collected for Oceanography class, where we learned more about salinity and the elements dissolved into seawater than I could ever hope to fit into this blog. Following class and putting down the sails, we anchored off of La Napole. In the succeeding free time, we went swimming where James tried valiantly to accomplish the surprisingly difficult task of riding an inflatable fender in the heaving ocean, and Andrew mostly managed to complete a head-first dive after half an hour of spirited attempts and rampant, conflicting advice from staff and students alike. Meanwhile, the writing of this blog is being severely derailed by what the “dancing” antics of Laurie and John, which, though highly amusing, seem to consistently devolve into ridiculous posturing and bouts of laughter.