Location: St. Tropez, France

After a night of dreaming about Cannes’ stunning Bastille Day fireworks from the prior evening, the crew of Argo woke to another wonderful day off the coast of the French Riviera. After breakfast cleanup we prepared the boat to sail as we weighed anchor. Then for the first time this trip we set the main sail. As always two-sixing the main all the way to the top of the mast is a work out, but once it was set along with four of our five other sails we were ready to make way to St. Tropez. Even with the little wind that was forecast, we were able to shut off the engine on occasion and enjoy the sail along the coast. The twenty plus mile journey went by quickly and soon we were dropping anchor next to a beach filled with people and umbrellas. Following Basic Seamanship class, everyone was shuttled off to shore to enjoy an afternoon splashing about in the crisp Mediterranean waters. Once the crew was feeling nice and salty from their swim, we weighed anchor for the second time that day in order to move closer to town in preparation for the following day’s shore time. To top off another great day aboard S/Y Argo, we had an Oceanography class for dessert.