Location: Les Saintes

When most of us woke up this morning, we were expecting to find ourselves in a new location. Instead, we realized we were still in Les Saintes. The anchor had gotten itself all jumbled up, but luckily Steph and Drew were already on it, throwing on their dive gear and untangling the stubborn anchor chains. For breakfast, we most certainly did not have cake. It was definitely bread. We then studied for our third marine bio exam using a quizlet I made. Then we took the marine bio exam, and afterward, the anchor was still stuck, but by lunchtime we were finally underway. While we were underway, Heather had an Oceanography review session up on deck for anyone who wanted to come to go over some of the harder concepts we’ve covered in class recently. I worked in my fish ID logbook with some other people in the saloon. We we arrived in our new location, Pigeon Island. I had a quick shower and was treated to a gorgeous rainbow that went all the way across and was probably one of the most vivid rainbows I’d ever seen. Then for dinner, we had tofu and veggies and naan and a squeeze question that led to a very chaotic story about french parrotfish. Then we had oceanography, and we learned about how tides work.

Photo 1: Heather doing the oceanography review on deck
Photo 2: KT on diligent bow watch
Photo 3: The beautiful rainbow
Photo 4: KT and Carli jumping in under the rainbow