Location: Les Saintes

Today was a wonderful first day in Guadeloupe! We started the day off with eggs and melon before having Seamanship class. Everyone was very eager to explore the new island, and we were all very happy to learn that we had most of the day onshore. Many of us split into smaller groups to enjoy mini tropical France, and everyone had a great time. Some of us spent the day enjoying some delicious french cuisine, gelato, crepes, and more. Others went on a hiking excursion to visit an old fort. All of us had some time to be tourists, practice our french, do some shopping, and fall in love with Guadeloupe. Then we returned to Vela and enjoyed some much-needed, refreshing ocean showers. After resting, chatting, and working on our Fish ID logs, we had a yummy taco dinner. Then we had a squeeze where I made everyone decide what type of shoe they would be. After our dinner cleanup, we had Oceanography class. Tomorrow we leave Les Saintes for the main island of Guadeloupe. It was another wonderful day on Vela!

P.S. Sending big hugs and kisses to my family back home.