Location: Underway to Nevis

Today marked the first long passage of our trip. We began the day with an oceanography class followed by learning how the watch system will work while we are sailing. We were divided into three different watch teams that each stand a 3 hour shift. We then learned the different safety regulations and how the ditch kits work. After exploring Spanish Town, checking emails and having lunch we prepared the boat for the 130 nm passage from Spanish Town to Nevis, our first destination outside of the British Virgin Islands. The sail was great, the waves weren’t too bad and the wind was coming from the east which allowed us to have our sails up as we motored into the wind. Despite the mild seas we still had a few booters. These 4 rockstars will remained un-named, but Priscilla, Zach, Jarod and Audrey are extra excited for our next trip to Dominica.

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