Location: St. Kitts

Today was the day of our first passage!! We woke up early in the morning so excited to head down to Saint Kitts. After the boat was all prepped to set sail, we began our 24 hour journey southeast towards our destination. We split into our watch groups and took shifts of 3 hours watching and manning the boat to 6 hours off having time to rest and relax. For the most part of the day, it was sunny skies and easy riding although it took a while for a lot of us to get our sea legs and our stomachs steady! We saw lots of sea life along the trip, like flying fish along side the boat and a group of dolphins swimming along with us for our journey. Nighttime was a whole new experience. It was a little rough and difficult for some of us but was unlike anything we had ever done before. It was amazing and the stars were phenomenal.We learned so much and really bonded as a crew. However I cant say we weren’t thrilled once we reached Saint Kits. We cant wait to explore!!!