Location: Underway from Ibiza to Tarragona

Today was a day of lasts. Last 3 AM watch, last boat check, engine check, last time at bow watch, last time at the helm, last flake of the sails, last swim in the Med. Although it could have been a very depressing time, it was not. There was too much to do and no time to reminisce. We started the day on watch, the weather was wonderful, a nice breeze and warm. As we motored closer to Tarragona we began to skillfully flake the sails, as this would be our final flake, they ended up quite gorgeous. Lunch was interrupted by a large group of dolphins playing in our wake, or as I like to think of it.saying goodbye to the Argo crew. Two hours out, we turned off the motors for a bit and had a wonderful last swim in the Med. After our dip we dried off and prepared to dock, the deck was immaculate and we all enjoyed the view and worked a bit on our tan as we headed towards land. Tarragona is a beautiful port, but we had to make our way through a large commercial dock before we found our paradise at the end. The Private Tarragona port is quite pretty, brand new shops, buildings and restaurants line the dock and boats are separated from the pedestrian walkways by a glass barrier. To enter this barrier we all were granted swipe security cards, and are currently feeling pretty self important. There also is a beautiful gym and bathroom with an amazing shower that we have access too as well. Definitely a nice place to stay for a few days. After docking everyone finished the day by doing a bit of studying and resting.