Location: Ibiza town

Today started with an excellent project presentation by the girls. They confidently talked the group through their oceanography project which looked at nutrient levels in different types of environments, such as the docks, bays and open seas that we have traveled over the summer. They had clearly done their research and the presentation was enjoyed by all. Argo motored around the point shortly after and dropped anchor near to the town of Ibiza. The crew headed to shore to stock up on gifts, clothes and goodies. While there we also sampled the ‘delights’ of the ‘local’ food. It may as well have been the UK or America for all that we could tell, but not doing the cooking or washing up was appreciated by all. Once we were back on board we readied Argo for our final passage- overnight to Terragona, mainland Spain. We raised the sails and we lucky with the wind until we had to turn North, which meant that the wind was coming from directly behind us- not great for Argo. Before we got stuck in to watches we had the final Oceanography lecture, another last that brings home the reality that the trip is coming to an end. Nevertheless, everyone was in good spirits and enjoyed raising and setting the sails and spending time in the cockpit together before bed.