Location: Mallorca

? Hola amigos and apologies for not knowing how to say that in Catalan. Progress, progress, progress aboard Argo todos dio with barely a wasted moment. In the morning the final ground breaking touches were put on a freshly published report from the distinguished team of Drs. Alex, Kyla and Prof. Callie concerning their research on various nutrient levels throughout the waters of the Western Mediterranean and how these waters were affected by human pollution; particularly in industrial ports. As soon as the presses ceased to roll, scientific disciplines were shifted and our collective intellectual prowess turned towards physics. After throwing a few lines around topping the bejeezes out of the main and pulling its boom out 90 to port we launched ourselves -pun very much so intended- in to the study of the Argonaut aerodynamics of the boom swing and ensuing animal noises and gestures. ? Hasta mananna amigos !