Location: Underway

We woke up to calm seas as we readied for the day’s voyage. We were headed to Formetera but unfortunately the wind was not with us. The main sail, main staysail, forward main staysail, and the fisherman went up but it did little to hasten our way. We started up watches and since Andrew and Susanne were gone I was moved to the first watch with Sam, Kyla, and Sean. Unfortunately, other than some funny conversations with Sam, the watch was uneventful. John gave everyone some entertainment while making lunch by wearing a snorkeling mask. Regrettably his wonderful lunch of mixed sandwiches was interrupted by the appearance of over six dolphins playing on around the bow. They slowly broke off one by one and we continued on with lunch. As we neared our destination the wind picked up to the point that we were going over nine knots. Formetera looked like a mine field of yachts and motor boats so we decided to sail on. We loved the wind so much we decided to put up the jib to go further up the coast. We decided that the area further up didn’t look good either so we tacked to go across the way. Of course, the chef John was warned about the tack about ten minutes after. Good thing he is a good cook and didn’t spill the stew that was for dinner. Just for the fun of it we put the flying jib up for the rest of the way which was about an hour. After quickly bringing down the sails, we had some delicious brew stew. We flaked the sails and went for an evening swim and shower before going to bed.