Location: Underway to Antigua

We woke up in Nevis and began preparing to depart right after breakfast of hot French toast. With everyone ready to start the day off strong, we hoisted up each sail one right after the other and sailed off the mooring ball without engine power. Heading back to sea, we waved goodbye to Nevis and started the trek towards Antigua. The trip began very smoothly, with everyone enjoying the full sails. During the passage, both open water and advanced divers had a short class going over skills to come in the next few dives, and we all continuously learned more about sailing. The day trip to Antigua turned into a longer voyage, and after lunch, we split into watch teams for the rest of the day and night. Each team did an excellent job standing up to waves at bow watch, performing bumpy boat checks, and taking over the helm. We ended up sailing into Antigua right around 11 pm and anchored in Falmouth Harbor for the evening. It was an awesome day of sailing and smooth arrival to our next destination!