Location: Nevis

Our first passage was a great success that could have only been attained by all crew members pulling together. We pushed on through the night, high seas, and sporadic showers and finally reached our destination, the beautiful island of Nevis. Some greeted the day with a few dolphins that enjoyed playing and racing Ocean Star off the bowsprit on our final stretch past St. Kitts and into the harbor. We threw on our “foulies” and smiled while we made our way through the last of the rain as we reached our mooring ball and tied up. As the morning clouds lifted, we were greeted by the lush, mountainous landscape of Nevis. After some SCUBA navigation practice and lunch, it was time for us to head to shore to explore this beautiful island. The afternoon was filled with a strenuous yet breathtaking hike through the rainforest up Nevis Peak. It goes without question that everyone was in awe of the beautiful, thriving vegetation and vistas that surrounded us throughout the hike. After making our descent back down to the trailhead, our exhausted spirits were quickly lifted when our taxi driver had to stop for a group of monkeys congregating in the road. Showers and dinner brought the adventurous day to an end. Antigua, here we come!