Location: Underway to Nevis

Hello family and friends! Skipper Jessica here. We are in the midst of our longest passage, which means the longest time sailing without stopping. It is about a 24-25 hour journey, which we began at 5:30 this morning. This is the first time we have not been able to see any land! Only the ocean and sky surround us. Our captain Al told us that we have only ourselves to rely on while we are out in open water like this, good bonding experience for the group. The weather has been nice with the heat tempered by the wind. Don’t worry, we have all been wearing plenty of sunscreens! This long passage has been a good time for those of us who are not on watch to catch up on some sleep or get to know one another better. We work in shifts of 3 hours on watch and 6 hours off watch. Hopefully, all is well at home! We miss you all and cannot wait to tell you all about the adventures we have had. A special hello to Mom Joan, Dad Mark, and Sister Alexa! Anchors away!