Location: St. Kitts

Seamester students have successfully completed their first passage to Saint Kitt’s! It was an exciting time for everyone during the 24-hour passage; students got into three groups, or watch teams, who were responsible for the boat for three hours at a time. Jobs included a bow watch, trimming sails, and checking the engine room and gauges hourly. Many students experienced their first time steering the ship at the helm. Several of us also experienced seasickness for the first time, but we are feeling much better now :). The passage was wet and wild; the wind was strong, and the swells were big, but we were able to sail the whole passage and dropped the anchor around nine o’clock. Students also followed the super bowl through texts from their friends and family. We will be spending tomorrow in Saint Kitts visiting a fort on shore before sailing on to Nevis and, after that, Grenada.