Location: St. Kitts

After arriving in St. Kitts during the night, we awoke this morning to our first glimpse of this beautiful paradise. A single cloud that is always there due to the cooling rising air covered the tallest mountain, Mount Liamuiga. After a great breakfast and a quick clean-up, we began a session of boat appreciation. This is when we give Ocean Star a good washing and scrubbing to clean her up after our passages. Once we finished and had Ocean Star looking beautiful, we packed up the sandwiches we made for lunch and headed for shore to hike up to Fort Brimstone. The fort was built by the British to defend against the French back in the 16 and 1700s, where both countries had settlements on the island and also provided some beautiful views of the island. We enjoyed walking around the fort, taking in history as well as the scenery, and enjoyed some soccer in the nearby field. We returned to the boat around 1600, where we showered and had a refresher class on recreational dive planners. The open-water scuba students also reviewed their diving exams. After everyone was finished with the dive exams, we had a fantastic dinner with a perfect view of the sun setting over the open Caribbean Sea. With our bellies full of chicken cordon bleu, we sat down for oceanography class, where we studied plate tectonics, and Carolyn explained how the plates move using chocolate and vanilla cake to make CAKE tectonics (which made an excellent dessert!!!). After a day full of beautiful views, we are stoked for tomorrow, when we will weigh anchor and put our stern to St. Kitts and be underway bound for Nevis!